Training for International Staff to Support High-Quality Student Mobility

In four training sessions in December 2020 and January 2021, international staff members embraced the opportunity to identify and improve their skills and competences in the management of mobility programmes. With more than 200 participants from Programme- and Partner countries, the Online Workshops offered an interactive platform to learn about a variety of topics staff members had identified as relevant to ensure the quality in student mobility. With the active involvement of all project partners, the training addressed core competences like time- and stress management, digital skills, and change management. Guest speakers from the Erasmus+ Student Network and the German National Agency DAAD offered additional insights.

One topic underlying the discussion on successful quality assurance in project management was the analysis of the effect of the Covid19-pandemic on Erasmus+ projects, with a detailed evaluation of the change in communication processes as well as the increasing complexity in the required competences of staff involved in mobility management.

The tool developed as part of the project is the Framework for Erasmus+ Staff Competences, a matrix designed to identify and assess a set of competences related to the relevant tasks in student mobility management. This framework, which is available on the project Website, was presented during the first training session, while the last session in January 2021 offered a short introduction of the users’ guidelines.

The recordings of the training sessions are available here.

We thank all our speakers who have offered important insights to our participants. Let us also thank all participants who have enriched the training with their active involvement and relevant feedback!