IO2 - Student & HEI surveys

The topic of staff competences in the context of Erasmus+ student mobility is a rather unexplored area. There is a great added value on gathering quantitative data on the subject matter. 

The University of Latvia, with the contribution of the consortium, created two surveys targeting both international students, who will benefit from improved staff competencies and Higher Education staff involved in organizing and administering student mobility. The aim of the survey is to identify the key competences for staff involved in the administration of mobility processes.

The key term in the project “competence” is based on the definitions on EQF (European Quality Framework) and Key Competences for Lifelong Learning and reflects the various components and its comprehensive meaning widely used in European education and training policies. The existing approaches refer to a few aspects of competences and do not include the full spectrum of skills related to quality student mobility.

The report is divided into three parts - survey analysis of university administrative staff, survey analysis of students and comparative findings of obtained data.