Remain up-to-date on relevant developments in (higher) education in a national and global context, in particular re. Internationalisation

Knowledge of (higher) education in a national and global context, in particular re. internationalisation
Identify and interpret (developments in) the structure and situation of HE in Europe and beyond.
Knowledge of structures, strategies & procedures of the home institution, in particular re. Internationalisation
Understand and interpret the (developments in the) home institution's structures, strategies & procedures (relating to educational policy, student affairs & services, quality assurance mechanisms, marketing & communication, financial policy).
Intercultural skills
Demonstrate awareness of recent developments on intercultural communication in relation to internationalisation.
Communication skills
Analyse up-to-date information on relevant developments and make notifications.
English language skills CEFRL
B2 - Vantage
Digital skills
Use appropriate digital tools and technologies to access digitally provided information.
Critically assess the credibility and reliability of sources of data, information and digital content.
Responsiveness, pro-activity & flexibility
Adapt your approach according to relevant developments in (higher) education, in particular re. internationalisation.
Confidence, empathy & openness
Be open towards the possible positive impact of external push and pull factors.