Erasmus student mobility has been increased in the last years. In order to achieve quality mobility and continue increasing the number of mobile students further, it is essential to face linked obstacles such the lack of information. The performance and know-how of staff members working in International Relations offices and other related units are key to achieve high-level quality standards of student’s mobility, as they play a pivotal role in the implementation of mobility programmes and the overall internationalisation strategies.

FESC will contribute to increasing the quality of student mobility by focusing on staff members and professional competencies in higher education, shedding light of the main complexities for staff members and providing required comprehensive guidelines, on-hand toolkits for training and peer-group learning.

The main project objectives will be reached through several activities such as the development and implementation of 7 Intellectual Outputs (IO):

  • IO1 - Desk Research - Erasmus+ staff competencies
  • IO2 - Student & HEI surveys
  • IO3- E+ staff competencies and audit framework
  • IO4 - Study visit reports
  • IO4 - Study visit reports
  • IO6 - Training Toolkit
  • IO7 - Policy Recommendations