Advise on, set up, and maintain an administrative system that includes mobility flows (student registration system, DS, ToR)

Knowledge of (higher) education in a national and global context, in particular re. internationalisation
Identify, interpret and apply information on mobility programmes (ECTS, relevant innovations etc.).
Knowledge of structures, strategies & procedures of the home institution, in particular re. Internationalisation
Understand and interpret the (developments in the) home institution's structures, strategies & procedures (relating to educational policy, student affairs & services, quality assurance mechanisms, marketing & communication, financial policy).
Intercultural skills
Anticipate and respond to (cultural) differences in managing (mobility) administration and funding schemes.
Communication skills
Express feedback on the use and maintenance of the system managing (mobilty) administration in a constructive and appropriate manner.
English language skills
Digital skills
Articulate information needs on a digital system that administers mobility flows.
Organise, store and manage data and information in a structured digital environment.
Responsiveness, pro-activity & flexibility
Show flexibilty in using different administrative systems.
Confidence, empathy & openness
Confidently use the administrative system that includes mobility flows.