Initiate and support curriculum reform for the purpose of mobility (mobility windows, exchange programmes, etc.)

Knowledge of (higher) education in a national and global context, in particular re. internationalisation
Identify, interpret and apply information on mobility programmes (ECTS, relevant innovations etc.).
Identify and interpret (state-of-the-art) research and theoretical frameworks re. internationalisation of the curriculum.
Knowledge of structures, strategies & procedures of the home institution, in particular re. Internationalisation
Understand and interpret the (developments in the) home institution's structures, strategies & procedures (relating to educational policy, student affairs & services, quality assurance mechanisms, marketing & communication, financial policy).
Intercultural skills
Anticipate and handle differences in cooperation models and customs at partner institutions.
Communication skills
Explain curriculum reform for the purpose of mobility in a target group oriented manner.
English language skills
Digital skills
Identify and interpret information on digital innovations for education.
Responsiveness, pro-activity & flexibility
Pro-actively stimulate curriculum reform.
Confidence, empathy & openness
Act confidently while initiating and supporting curriculum reform.