Support the integration of incoming students into the institution and social life of host town (e.g. buddy programme)

Knowledge of (higher) education in a national and global context, in particular re. internationalisation
Identify, interpret and apply information on mobility programmes (ECTS, relevant innovations etc.).
Knowledge of structures, strategies & procedures of the home institution, in particular re. Internationalisation
Understand and interpret the (developments in the) home institution's structures, strategies & procedures (relating to educational policy, student affairs & services, quality assurance mechanisms, marketing & communication, financial policy).
Intercultural skills
Be able to offer (intercultural) support to buddies and others involved in supporting the integration of incoming students into the institution and social life.
Communication skills
Present (orally or in writing) usefull tips to support the integration of incoming students. Demonstrate awareness of non-verbal communication during presentations.
English language skills CEFRL
B2 - Vantage
Digital skills
Use appropriate digital tools and technologies to collaborate, share data, information and digital content.
Responsiveness, pro-activity & flexibility
Anticipate the (individual) needs and expectations of different stakeholders.
Demonstrate the aspiration to make students feel at home and empower students in a creative way.
Confidence, empathy & openness
Act confidently and conscientiously, with a suitable degree of empathy and openness towards colleagues, students and other stakeholders.