FESC project presented at the EAIE conference in Helsinki

Throughout the past 30 years, internationalisation has become a fundamental element of each HEIs’ strategy, leading to increased staff and student mobility. As a result, the daily work required to conduct quality mobility is ever more complex and challenges of the future like digitalisation and more global mobility require future-proof skills development.

During the session at the EAIE conference in Helsinki, the speakers highlighted the lack of recognition and clarity surrounding the work that is being done in the field of international education. Based on those short-comings, the team around the FESC project is creating a framework for staff competencies in internationalisation that will lead to a better understanding of the tasks connected to their work. The framework can be used in different ways. It is a tool that Human Resources departments can utilise when recruiting Erasmus coordinators and members of the International Relation Office or to create professional development plans for their university staff. It can also be used by individual staff members to map their current competences and track their own development.

All in all, participants agreed on the necessity of such a competence framework and the session concluded with a positive tone surrounding the future perspective of working in internationalisation of Higher Education.

For more information about the session, visit the presentation here