European University Foundation

The European University Foundation is a network of universities committed to bringing about a modern, strong and competitive European Higher Education Area. The EUF is also an influential advocate for a substantial increase of the quantity and quality of student mobility, regularly putting forward new ideas, policies and recommendations. The network has a rich history of promoting policy reform and contributing to the further development of the Erasmus programme.

The network's key activities are designed to build capacity and expertise among administrative and academic staff members, to raise awareness of EU policy goals and actions and to enable policy dialogues between practitioners, policy-makers and stakeholders.

The activities are underpinned by the organisation of high-quality student mobility since this is considered to be an excellent driver to implement reforms within Higher Education. The network activities aim at reflecting the needs and challenges of its members in a comprehensive way and have successfully contributed in the past two years to establish two strategic partnerships in the field of entrepreneurship and employability, created one strategic partnership and contributed to a forward-looking initiative aimed at tackling the governance and management of learning mobility activities through novel IT solutions.

To maximise the impact of outcomes the EUF is affiliated with the European University Association, the European Student Union, the Erasmus Student Network, and the Lifelong Learning Platform. The network is supported by the Erasmus+ grant in Civil Society Cooperation in the field of Education and Training.