Ghent University

Ghent University was established in 1817 and has 11 faculties, which offer high quality and research-based educational programmes in almost each scientific discipline. Currently there are about 9000 staff members and over 41000 students. More than 11% of the student population is international.

An institutional integrated policy plan for internationalization was drafted in 2013 for the period 2014-2018. This plan created a framework for bottom-up initiatives in a setting of quality control and transparency, set the context for strategic partnerships, and the creation of 3 new prospect regional platforms: Russia, Latin America and South East Asia, in addition to the regional platforms with Africa, China and India.  

Ghent University has been involved in a number of Erasmus+ projects targeting the further development and quality assurance of the mobility programmes, as well as projects on adult education/ lifelong learning. With a recent focus on the digitization process, the relevance of qualification of staff in the context of mobility management is a closely related core issue in the activities.