Instructions for the Digital Framework

This page is specifically designed to navigate you through the digital version of the Erasmus+ Staff Competences framework.

The framework outlines the competences which university staff members that have been assigned tasks in the implementation of student mobility programmes should have or develop. Although the Erasmus+ programme is the most important frame of reference for the framework, its relevance is broader and extends to other student mobility programmes. The staff competences have been described as ‘can do statements’ and should be read as follows:  “The staff member who has task X is able to …. (description of knowledge, skills, and attitude).

On the menu bar on the top right corner, as well as from the button here below, you can access the content of the framework and start exploring the mobility staff competences identified in this tool. When you open the page, you will immediately have access on the list of tasks divided by categories:

  • Policy related tasks;
  • Student related tasks - before mobility;
  • Student related tasks - during mobility;
  • Student related tasks - after mobility;
  • Cross-cutting tasks.

Each of the 5 categories title has a link and by clicking on it you are redirected to a page with all tasks by category. If you click on a particular task, you will drop down a set of competences (knowledge, skills and attitude) related to that task. You can click again to close that drop-down menu or choose another category by clicking on the "Category" button on the top right corner.

On the bottom of the page you can choose from three ways to display the framework: as a Table view, as a Grouped table view or as a Grouped list view.

  • The Table view: displays all tasks and their corresponding competence;
  • The Grouped table view: merges the competences relative to knowledge, skills and attitudes in one column for each and displays a grouped version of them;
  • The Grouped list view: displays a list of all categories and tasks. By clicking on one task you will open a page with its competences and you can click on the Category tab on the top left corner, to go back to the list.